Everything Is Good

Had my last final exactly a week ago. Time flies so fast. It was good. I was content and I'm excited to continue my research during the break~ I've been busy hanging out and catching up on a lot of things I usually don't get to do. Here are some cellphone photos from the past week and a half~ IMAG5332


Yeah. It's winter over here.



Studio finals. Two weeks ago almost. My boards are the ones on the left~

IMAG5335 copy

How I was feeling the entire week while researching for degree project.


My sister has been crocheting. She made this good luck Swedish meatball for me.






Bought a dress finally.


This bunny has been hugged numerous times this week by multiple people. Much love.


I managed to eff up my left foot while playing soccer or something...I don't even know how this happened. I've been limping everywhere.






Future dream house that my friends and I will live in. It's so perfect and cozy.


Chillinnn in our living room.



Have a wonderful weekend <3


A Blast from the Past

I'm taking a quick break from researching for my degree project. I've been reading about the Digital Dark Age! I think my project is heading towards some sort of a museum like space...or a building of knowledge which is set in the future that stores archives of data so that it's not lost. I don't know yet. I'm thinking about possible locations for this program. Originally, I was thinking about ancient places like Egypt or Greece, where civilization and knowledge flourished. But now I'm trying to guess what part of the world will be the center of knowledge in the future....a hundred years from now. I think that would be more appropriate. We'll see. minihand01


On a random note, my mom has been sorting through our family 'archives'. She found this mold of my hand from twenty years ago that my dad made. I was four years old. My dad always liked to make things like this - I'm happy that he was (and still is) so excited to make things and experiment with me. I get my curiosity and craving for knowledge from him. When I was a child, instead of reading bedtime stories, he would teach me about gravity and space. Now, after dinner, we have long discussions about stuff that we find interesting. I love talking to him because he still surprises me with the amount that he knows (about anything...math, life, chemistry, how to build a patio, whatever) and sometimes I surprise him too.

The four year old Lolo hand sits on my desk and I'll pick it up every now and then. It's an object that connects me to my past. I try to remember myself at that age. Many years have passed and I've grown into a different person but four year old Lolo still remains within me and that makes me happy~

Armenian Scrabble is Difficult

Happy times <3 Happy vibes which energize me when I'm up alone at nights doing work~

One final down, two more to go. Friday was my studio final. Presentation went very well. I said everything I had to say and I felt like we all had a good discussion going. Got a lot of great feedback~

I spent the first half of my Saturday running errands, having tea with my friend, and singing to procrastinate. I've spend the second half reading pages and pages of text to figure out what my research paper is gonna be about. I haven't written a proper research paper in almost a year. I rather solve structures problems.

Friday will be my last day. I have a huge thesis research project due that day...not looking forward to it. The final is from 9 to 5.....lollllll why.

ANYWAY. I'll be somewhat free after that~


I miss you, Tubuli

Found these two photos taken in September when I was in New York.

I was up doing homework in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep - everyone was asleep except for Tuba and I. He kept me company the whole night. Sweetest dog. I miss him so much.

These past couple of days I've been pulling late-nighters while everyone's asleep and it feels lonely. Wish Tuba was here~