I have been busy, although today I am bored. OH HOW BORED I AM. I went to Little Tokyo with my friends yesterday and had a blast. I was scared that I was getting sick yesterday but when I came home I felt better. Now my dad is sick, so I helped make him some soup~ I hope he gets better soon~ I went shopping last week and I have some shopping to do tomorrow for New Years. Armenian's exchange presents on New Years. We are doing a secret santa because our family is very big...VERY big. I have to buy a present for a 13 year old guy. I don't know what to get him yet!

I have taken a bunch of pictures from this past week that I will post soon~ Here are a couple of them!

Alright! So this is what I wore on Christmas! The skirt and my necklace is from Forever 21. The leggings, shoes, and top are from Urban Outfitters and my belt (that I LOVEEEEEEE SO MUCH), is from Zara~

I bought this cute little thing from Little Tokyo yesterday ^____^ so cute~ I bought some others things too that I'll show later~

I bought this jacket from H&M last week~! So this jacket...I saw it a month ago and I fell in love with it. I tried it on in the store and didn't buy. I tried it on again last week, and decided to get it~ So happy I did~!

OH!!! and on Sunday I got my hair trimmed and TONED!!! OMGGGGGGG. I was so nervous because I have never done anything to my sister's hair has been all sorts of colors~ I just wanted a VERY VERY small change. I toned it a little bit sister says she can't see the difference but I feel like I can haha~ I'll try to take a picture some time soon!!!







Hope you guys are all having a wonderful time! I will try to update as soon as possible! My best friends from Sweden are here visiting and a bunch of other stuff is happening at the same time so I have been very busy! I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas~ <3

Pink Elephant

Last night I went out with my best friend and sister. We had fun. I bought the elephant coin bank I wanted and  white tree (jewelry stand). When I came home, I decorated it...felt like I was decorating a Christmas tree... I'm not feeling so good at the moment..blaa. My pink elephant cheers me up though. <3


My room was a mess last week, so this week I tackled the problem. I bought a new book case from Ikea (Billy) which seemed to solve most of the problem. My room tends to get messy fast because things aren't laid out properly (imo). I still need to buy some storage boxes and I'm looking for a new clothing drawer...cause I don't have any more space!! I have been busy with cleaning~ How are you guys doing? Done with school? OH! Speaking of school! My last review on Friday, went really well. The reviewrs awarded my group with prize money ($300) which will cover the cost of making that damn thing. I will take photos of it tomorrow when I go to school to clean my studio space~