i love

I love sunflowers. I love them so much.I love going to the Korean spa after a particularly difficult day. I love food. I love my little corner.

Valley of Flowers

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I have finally started looking through my photographs from my trip to Armenia this summer. It's been nice. I put on music and zone out for a few hours, clicking away, reliving the moments of this trip in my head. I'm glad I went.

We visited a resort town called Tsaghkadzor (means Valley of Flowers) which is located in Kotayk. During the winter, there is snow everywhere and people come by to visit the ski resort. During the summer, there is no snow, obviously, but the ski lifts still operate. The ride up was peaceful for the most part - occasional screams from my little cousin, who is afraid of heights, added some excitement. We wandered around up top and I was delighted that there were adorable horses hanging out.

It was a fun day. Lots of warmth and laughter. I miss my relatives very much. It's always nice to visit beautiful places but it's even better when you have wonderful company with you as well.