Comfort for Life

About two weeks ago, I happened upon this black top. I've been wearing it almost everyday since. It has an interesting cut, is soft and flowy, and covers my butt so I can wear it as a dress with tights. It has been a bit colder lately (LOLLZZZ mid 60s) so I have been forced to layer underneath it while wrapping my neck with a thick scarf like this Pashimna one which I bought in India. black01



Comfort for life.

Now, my bed awaits.


1:a Advent

1aadvent01 1advent04



Idag är det 1a advent och vi har bakat lussekatter. Jag älskar den här månaden när allt är så mysigt. Tyvärr snöar det inte här i Los Angeles, but it's okay~ Ska julpynta så småningom!


cake or death?

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It was my mom's birthday yesterday. I got her a Swedish princess cake from our favorite bakery. Today we ate a bit more of the cake for breakfast. Not the healthiest of choices but whatever!

Now I'm just reading some before we head on over to my aunt's house. I haven't seen family in so long. It will be nice. I hope you are all doing well <3

At the Narrows

Spent Wednesday morning at the banks of the LA river....the Glendale Narrows portion which is near my friends' place. It was a strange day but lovely at the same time. Got harassed by some geese. So much attitude. 2013-11-20 15.59.41_1

2013-11-20 15.06.42_1

2013-11-20 15.15.52_1

2013-11-20 15.54.41_1

2013-11-20 15.15.55_1