Most Pathetic Set of Photographs

Randomly decided to go see the Leonid meteor shower with two friends last night. We had originally wanted to go on Saturday but it was raining. I met up with them at 11: 30 pm....we stopped by a store and bought drinks and snacks and then headed up to Angeles Crest. We drove up over 3,000 ft and stopped on the side of the road where we had a great view of the city. We faced the opposite direction so that the lights wouldn't bother us. I had brought along mats that we laid down on. It was really cold. My hands freeze so easily so I had to bring two sets of gloves...pathetic. It's difficult to eat with gloves on.

We didn't have high expectations for this shower but we were pleasantly surprised~ We saw over twenty shooting stars. Five of those were pretty big. There was one that made our was a's tail left a mark in the sky for a couple of seconds. After we saw that one, nothing really impressed us.

It was pitch black. My phone camera didn't know how to focus.


The clearest photograph: the aftermath. Armenians love to eat seeds.

We got home at around 3:30 am. I went straight to bed because I had studio today. Now I'm sitting at home...listening to music and drawing <3

All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted. Not so coldly charted, it's really just a question of your honesty.





Yesterday was one of the most magical nights I've experienced in a long long time~ I went to see Rush in Anaheim with my dad!

The Honda Center was huge. I'm always in awe of large stadiums. It's great sitting in such a huge place, surrounded by so many people that are just as excited as you are.

Rush came on at 7:45 and they played till about 11. During the first half they played a bunch of old songs. They took a short break and came back and played songs from Clockwork Angels and then played a bunch of old songs again~!!!

I love them.

During the break, my dad went down to buy some beer and came back with a shirt for me <3

Ahhhhhh I wish I could rewind to last night~ 

Here is an older performance of theirs.....they sounded exactly like this <3

Happy Sunday, everyone <3

Stormy weather days make us go our separate ways

Had another fun weekend mixed with school work - as always. November is a busy month because it's everyone's birthday. My mom's is coming up in two weeks. We're trying to plan something fun for her~

Been working on studio. I've got a review coming up on Friday. Trying to get a head start so I can focus on thesis work too. We had a review for that on Friday and it went well, but something just didn't feel right and it's been bothering me ever since. Don't really want to get into it. I just need to rethink some things.

On Saturday I am going to a Rush concert! Can't believe I'll get to see them play in a couple of days. I look up to Neil Peart a lot <3

Speaking of musicians that make me feel happy - I've been blasting Jamiroquai for the past week. Their music reminds me of my childhood. I got exposed to MTV Europe when my family moved into an apartment in Sweden that had cable. I would watch their 'Virtual Reality' video everyday and try to sing and dance like Jay Kay. They bring me a lot of good, funky vibes.

Seven Days of Sunny June - One of my favorite songs.

Half the Man - Even their break up songs are upbeat <3


I must've died and gone to heaven...

These are three pieces I made a week ago for my thesis research class. I'm experimenting with technology to create very technical yet atmospheric drawings.

I wish I had more time to play around with this stuff.

Today sucked. Hahaha it was a terrible day since the moment I woke up. I'm okay now - I ate some ginger candy and overdosed on Jamiroquai when I got home.