A good day that ended on a sad note

I am on the rode to recovery and felt a little bit better yesterday so I spent the day with my friend and sister. We drove to Little Tokyo to eat at Shin Sen Gumi. The food was awesome like always.

After eating a super rich meal, we walked to the Little Tokyo mall and walked around. I was looking for a good luggage back, but everything was too expensive. We went to the market and I bought a Witch Hazel cleanser and then we bought sweets~

At night, we ended up at a Barnes & Noble and sat and read books. I got a news alert that Christopher Hitchens had a died an hour before...and my happy day became very sad. He is a favorite of mine and someone I look up to a great deal. He was an amazing writer and intellectual and I'm sad that I can no longer look forward to reading any new material or hear another great talk by him. The world has lost a great voice.

Preparing for India

So many things to do before my trip, but right now I am stuck in my bed because I am sick. I finished my last Typhoid pill yesterday morning, and ever since I took it, I've been feeling like crap. There were four pills in total and every pill made me feel worse. After taking the third pill, I had bad stomach cramps and I felt like throwing up. Yesterday I had intense stomach cramps and I did throw up, plus I got a sore throat. Today I have a light fever and I've been throwing up. I can't speak because it hurts my throat.....I FEEL SO WONDERFUL~

I only have two weeks before I leave, so I've been planing things that need to be done. I still have to finish my competition boards for studio....I have to submit on the 15th. A little stressed out, but ehhhh whatever. I need to:

  • buy an adapter for my electronics
  • buy a good luggage bag that is small
  • figure out the best clothes to take with me
  • i can't think of anything right now cause my head hurts....to be continued

Good news! I purchased my Lumix GF2 last week and should be getting it tomorrow by the end of the day. I am so excited to test it out! And, second piece of good news: I purchased my Macbook Pro, FINALLY!!! I was so nervous since I've never owned a Mac plus the thing costs so much, I was nervous placing the order too! When it arrives, I'll have two days to get used to it and then it's off to India. I need to install all the programs onto it before hand~

I've had such a boring day today. I woke up and drank tea. I watched the last few episodes of The Office that I had missed due to school. I watched random youtube videos. I tried to read A Game of Thrones that my friend has let me borrow, but I couldn't. I drank some more tea. I read about Typhoid fever. I tried to fix the lights on the Christmas Tree, but I felt worse so I went and drank some more tea and went back to bed.

It's now 2:16 am and I can't fall asleep, so my sister and I are watching Seinfeld in my room. I hope I knock out soon <3

PS. I begun writing this post earlier today but then when I updated Wordpress, I kept getting fatal errors so I couldn't do anything. My hosting company helped me out in no time <3 So here I am~

Post Studio Final Update

This is me in the living room after staying up all night working on studio. Last week was draining and I'm glad that studio finals are over.

My friends came over to my house and we worked and worked and worked and ate and worked and worked and worked... One of them had a final on Wednesday and I didn't want her to drive all the way back home, so I made her sleep over. We slept in the living room (which explains the first two photos of me).

So let me explain what is going on over here. This is the computer I've been using. It couldn't handle all the programs that I had open...it would heat up and turn off while I was working, so I had to keep it cool, constantly. What you see on the keyboard is a bag of ice and below is a huge stick of frozen butter. Yes. A winning combination.

This is piece of candy that we dubbed Crystal "Meth" Light. It gave us sugar rushes which we so desperately needed to stay up.

My sister made us food.

We had to make a quick stop in studio so I could help my friend built her model and we happened upon this cute dog. Some guy brought his 3 week old husky to studio! Three weeks old! She was so small and I was obviously distracted. I tried my best to not pay any attention to her...but it was difficult.

Friday was our final review! My worked pinned up!

The reviewers reviewing!

Saturday night, I was working on my last final which is due this coming Friday. My friend called me up and said that he wanted to go eat, so I went with him. We drove to West Hollywood and tried to look for a good place to eat. I found this funny Armenian market.

After checking out several places, we decided to eat at Urth Cafe which was a really cozy and packed place. I had this heart shaped panini <3 While we were eating, we saw Joe Jonas. At one moment, he looked and smiled it me. It was very awkward.

And finally, a photo of what I made today. I have eaten so much garlic today that my blood pressure has gone down and now I feel the need to lie down and rest my head ~

I hope you are having a wonderful week~ Even though my studio final is over, I am still super busy! Preparing for India!

PS!!!!!! I filmed this in West Hollywood. It's lame but I find it extremely hilarious.

Thanksgiving Break Photo Summary

After my first final on Wednesday, I met up with my friend (who took these photos) at a crepe place that we frequent...a lot. We both got crepes and then shared this thing. We are pigs. I'm not ashamed to admit. I eat way too much of this stuff for my own good. But whatever.

We then made a quick visit to the mall so I could buy The Borrower Arrietty from this store. That's me...staring at all the wonderful stuff inside that I want.

Then at night, we went to a photography exhibit that my sister's boyfriend had organized. This is my sister and I. Please don't be afraid. I look like this almost all the time in real life.

The night before, my friend and I were working on our final. We were trying to spray paint our laser cut models. I failed at putting on a glove properly.

At night, my dad brought us dinner from home <3. We ate a lot. We stayed until we finished our models (which was till 2 am I think...) and then we finished the drawings at home. I slept very late >___>

The morning of Thanksgiving, I met up with my friend who goes to UC Berkeley. We never get to see each other anymore since she lives up there for school. I won't see her again until summer since I'll be in India when she comes home for winter break ;____; So I wanted to see her <3

Thanksgiving was spent at my cousin's house. I played with my cousin, Austin.

And his baby brother, Jacob.

And my older cousin...who knocked out in his 'sleep fort' that we built for him.

On Friday we went to our family friend's wedding! When my family lived in an apartment, we were all neighbors...so I call him my ex-neighbor haha~ My dad and sister at our table <3......

....And me with my dad <3

Broken heart ;____;

On Saturday night, my sister and I went to my friend's house to watch Arrietty and pig out (again) on sweets.

His dog wanted to hang out with us <3

This is a random close up of a dress I got during the break. I'll try to remember to take a better photo of it later~ I love the stars.

And then finally...I ended the break with a long walk by myself. I forget that the sun sets earlier now so I have to be careful. We have mountain lions in our area and I always forget to be careful. If I don't post anything in a long time, you can just assume that I got eaten by one during one of my walks.

It might not seem like it, but I also did a bit of school work this break. My final for studio is this coming Friday. I am very nervous! Can't wait till it is over! Then I can focus on getting ready for India~

I hope you guys have a wonderful week <3