Leopard print coat from Forever 21, Make up bag from H&M, Red wedges from H&M, ASOS CLINT Leather Worker Boot (there is one with studs too), Monchhichi Keychain from UO, Leather Buckle Shoulder Bag from ASOS, Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal earrings, Pointelle cuff over the knee socks from UO, Elephant Bank from UO.

Andra Advent

I miss Swedish Christmas traditions terribly. It gets so bad sometimes...where I get angry for not being able to be there haha. It's hard...it never really feels like Christmas for me. Yesterday, I went to IKEA (even though I have to study for tomrrow's structurs final), and bought a couple of things to surprise my parents. In Sweden, on every Sunday in December, they light a candle (there are 4 candles total). So on the first Sunday, you light 1 out of 4. The second Sunday you light the second candle plus the previous candle, and so on till it's Christmas~! Yesterday was 2nd Advent, so we were supposed to light 2 candles..in the picture only 1 is on cause we hadn't done 1st Advent last week, so we turned the second one on a little bit later. I bought four candles, gingerbread cookies, Glögg, some more candles, and a Julbok, which is a handmade straw goat~ I made the living room very mysigt, (translates to 'cozy'). I MISS SWEDEN! My best friend is coming to vist from Sweden in 8 days, however, so I am VERYYYY happy <3

The Aftermath

Well..it's not over yet, but my studio final was yesterday. FINALLY! This past week was really bad. I had no sleep starting Tuesday till Friday. I was having all sorts of problems. I had to completely change some parts of my building, and then the 3D modeling...ugh it was horrible. HORRIBLE. I wish my school was into teaching us programs WELL. We have only had ONE class and it was bad. It was really really bad. Now we are on our own, so yeah...SUCKS. This summer, I am gonna try to see if a community college around me is teaching these programs. Classes at my school are expensive (private school), so hopefully I will find something~ My room is a complete mess. I have a hard time walking around. Unfortunately, it will stay this way till I am done with school comepletely. I have a Structures final on Tuesday. I have a philosophy paper due, and a Materials & Methods final review on Friday. After that, I will clean my room. Here is a quick video of the mess. I want to apologize before hand...cause it's horrible haha. I'm ashamed of myself, but it is what it is.