I gave my last chance to you…Don’t hand it back to me bitterblue

Crap day today. But.....OBAMA, so not so crappy. Been feeling stressed out. Around five weeks left till school is done with. I'm trying my best to stay positive and not drown in all this crap~ What I wore today:

I got the necklace as a present. It's my favorite. It says "Je t'aime plus qu'hier moins que demain"....which says: I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow~

I hope you are all well<3

Meet my new moleskin!

I don't have school today and tomorrow because we are all supposed to be studying for our midterms. I have a World Architecture midterm on Wednesday that I haven't studied for at all...and a Physics midterm on Thursday that I haven't studied for either. YAY. On Saturday I hung out with a bunch of my guy friends. We went to a nearby park and played Ultimate Frisbee!! YAY~ Then we went to a Thai restaurant (yum!) and ate a lot of food. Eventually we made it to my friend's house where we played Brawl. I was kicking everyone's ass!! I'm really good! KIDDING! I'm okay~

When we were about to go to the restaurant, my friend and I were sitting in the car waiting for our other friends to come out of the house....I started talking about moleskins haha....I pulled my finished one out and showed him. After he looked at it, he got out of the car and went to his car. When he came back, he had a moleskin in his hands and told me that I could have it. He had written stuff on the first two pages...I told him that he should keep it and use it cause it's fun! But he said he only uses the thin ones cause they fit in his pocket. We took turns to play Brawl...and when it wasn't my turn I drew in my new moleskin!

On Sunday I went to the Getty Center to do some photography. The weather was really nice...chilly yet sunny...LOVE! Let me know which ones you like...I want to turn five of them in for an assignment~!

on the tram by ~miyoo on deviantART

oculus by ~miyoo on deviantART

shadows on squares by ~miyoo on deviantART

curves by ~miyoo on deviantART

river? by ~miyoo on deviantART

the sky by ~miyoo on deviantART

battle of waterloo by ~miyoo on deviantART

looking by ~miyoo on deviantART

thank you~<3