A Year Later

I have wanted to write something here for a very long time but I felt like I couldn't put my thoughts to words. The last year has been a rollercoaster. Right now the rollercoaster is heading upward as I am preparing to move to New York for a few months for a graphic design course. I am super excited but very nervous at the same time. I haven't been to school in a few years and I am embarking on journey in a direction I never thought I'd go on. I try to remind myself that it is normal to feel nervous at a time like this.

In the past year I've been painting a lot - A LOT! It's been wonderful but also tiring. I would come home from a full day at work, eat a quick dinner, do a quick workout, and then draw late into the night. Even though I've been tired physically - emotionally I've never felt better.

Now I'm preparing for New York. I leave in a week! I'm hoping to update here more frequently <3


Here's a watercolor painting I've done for my dad's office (kind of creepy). I'm hoping to make a print out of this before I leave. **FINGERSCROSSED**