I have gotten worse...my dad took me to the doctor and he looked at my throat which hurts so much. He says that I definitely have mono and that the blood test probably didn't show it because I hadn't developed antibodies at that time or something like that... He checked my whole body...checked all the swollen lymphs and then took a culture from my throat and sent me to get another blood test. OMG I WAS SO SCARED. But this time I was so tired and upset that I just wanted to get it over with. I went in without my dad....I was scared and I love it when he is there even if I can't hold his hand, but this time I was just sad so I went in alone. The doctor wrote me another note for school. School....I am so upset about everything. I have missed everything...even though I hate finals with a passion...there is nothing I love more than that moment when you finish school and it hits you that its summer...and you are free for a bit. Now I just feel like this long and stupid semester will get dragged into my summer...and into fall. I am so upset.

I went to school today to tell the office that I had tried to contact some of my instructors and that they had not responded back to me and that I was freaking out. My studio class is set...I will make in the next four weeks. Proprac finished today and my group turned in our project. Tomorrow I have a structures II final. My doctor told me that I will rest till Friday and then we will see how I am doing then. I am freaking out...but whatever. I just wish I could enjoy summer.....

I hope you guys are doing well~ Please take care <3