I just got home from class. It started raining as I was walking to school, so my feet were soaked....for three hours I sat in class with wet feet ;_____; Now I'm trying to make my feet warm...wearing double socks...

I got this in the mail today! YAY~ I bought this Alexander McQueen skull scarf a week..or two weeks..ago~! I love it!! Can't wait to wear it more often~


I have been really busy with school and a bunch of other crap these past few days. I have around three weeks left of school, but the amount of work makes it seem an eternity away. I didn't have a car this weekend, so I wasn't able to buy cardboard...I still don't have a I will have to make a model with whatever materials I have at home....UGH. Anyway! I better go start cause this will take a while~

Have a great week you guys <3<3<3

OH! BTW I made a tumblr~ LOVELOLO ~~!!!