I have a midterm for studio on Tuesday. I needed to go and print some stuff for my model that I need to make and buy a book and materials. Unfortunately the bookstore was closed...useless...their hours are so weird. Anyway...I walked to school and went to the lab and did some work and then walked home. At home my dad was making Easter food~ My mom was helping him cut the green vegetables. I wanted to help them but I had homework...so I went to the backyard and started cutting the cardboard for my site model. At night we went to my aunts house and had dinner~ We had fun~ It wasn't the usual big family dinner since there is some drama going on between the aunts, but us 8 had a wonderful time with lots of laughter~

I am at home right now. I woke up really early (7!) and started doing homework. I am still a little sick...my nose is really red ;______; but I am feeling better physically and slowly much better mentally as well~ Just trying to be positive <3