I just came home from hanging out with my friends. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon". It was my second time seeing it. It's such an epic movie...vikings=badass, so it was great. The dragon is just too adorable...janna<3 When the credits started rolling, we stayed in the theater trying to find Armenian is something that I think EVERY Armenian person does haha...we just look for a last name that either ends in "ian" or "yan". We found some near the friend works as an accountant for Dreamworks and her name appeared so that was exciting (her last name ends with "ian")!!!!~ Before all that I had school...was in studio and I got to clear some things up...I have a better understanding about what I have to do...still a little stressed about how I'm gonna get everything done plus other homework...but ehh mehh...It will all fall into place I hope. Now it is time for bed!! Good night~


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