And the complications you could do without

I'm really tired, but I'm feeling a little better. Today I went to school...I'm having trouble with my structures class...I'm hanging in there..paying attention the whole time, and after the class is over, I feel drained...but at least I'm getting things for now. I'm fighting hard...I need to do well. I want to do well. I like doing structures because it doesn't require me to think...well it does, but it's not like my other just solve it...then you are done. Right now I have a really hard time concentrating so this class makes me NOT feel useless.


Afterward, I went to my parent's office. My dad was working was home. I helped him fix something around the place, then I did some homework. I feel like I need to be my dad's support...I have always wanted to be his second hands..I can't explain how much I love him...recently, more than ever, I feel the need to always be there for him. I's hard to explain.

I have listened to this song this whole week. It's so sad...but I can't stop listening to it...I really love Sufjan's music.

Okay. Now for some more homework~ I hope you are all doing well <3