No I don't need drama, so I'm walking away

I have been trying to do some homework through worrying and stress. Sometimes doing school work really helps because you are forced to think about only that...but after a few hours, I feel very empty. Last week I went to the chiropractor for my back. I have been going off and on, but he told me that I need to come in at least two times a week for treatment. This is concerning the car accident that I was in last August. I asked him if there are back exercises that I can do, and he said there are a lot, but the inflammation in the muscle tissue needs to go down first. It will take a few months according to him, but that's nothing compared to a lifetime of back pain, so I'm gonna try to go tomorrow.

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I have been doing some ProPrac homework...we are drawing wall sections and window details for our group house design. Honestly, right now...I could care less about this stuff. But whatever.

I had a long talk with a friend of mine a few minutes ago. He is one of those friends that you don't get too see as much as you would like to, yet you know that they are really important because they care a lot. He knows of my ups and downs and we always share and listen to each others' troubles. He randomly called me and said he had a feeling that I was down and he wanted to recommend a book about being happy to me. Hopefully I'll get to see him tomorrow so I can read it after studying.

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I got new sneakers. My previous converses are over....I got them January 2006....they look disgusting (I still love them <3), but I needed some news ones, so I got these high top ones~ They are great~ to bed. Hope you guys are doing good <3