So I got ditched today. We were suppoesd to go to a site today with our studio class to some park in LA. I don't have a car, so I was desperately trying to find a ride. Last night I texted some guy in my class asking if he was driving to the site. He called me back saying that he was and offered to take me with him. I asked him if it was convenient for him, cause I could try to find someone else. He reassured me that it was perfectly fine and I thanked him. He told me to be at school at nine. I woke up early, took a to school at 8:45. I went to the cafeteria and got something to eat. I texted him telling him to let me know when he gets there. So it's 9:15 and I start to get worried cause we have to be there at 10. I call him, he doesn't pick up. I call again and again and again. Finally at 9:50 he picks up. "Hey Lorik, how are you? Listen, where were you? Did you get my messages? You never responded. So I left." I was like really?!?! I was there waiting for you. He goes "well im in the freeway right now. Sorry about this missunderstanding." I was so upset. I was like "forget it. Just tell the professor why I'm not there" and then I walked home. I still haven't gotten his "messages". Now I'm behind in studio. Hopefully I can go to the site by myself tomorrow if I have a car. UGH. Here are some photos from yesterday morning, which was a lot better: