REVIEW DAY TODAY! FINALLY OVER! MAN. What a night last night was...I was in studio till the lab closed..but I couldn't print. So I had to wait till today in the gets so hectic sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and give up, but the adrenaline keeps you keep saying "maybe I can make it in time..yeah...maybe..maybe". When I went to school today, it was kind of chilly...but when I got out of my structures class to go print it was POURING. I was shocked since yesterday was so beautiful and warm (as you can see from the above photos...).

So..this is what I wore yesterday! I surprised myself a by wearing this! I's still winter and it's not that hot outside...but it wasn't freezing either. The sun was out, so I thought, "why not? I'll wear shorts!". This is way too formal for school, but I only had Proprac which isn't like a studio class where I will need to cut crap and make models, so it was fine~