Just got out of a much needed hot bath. It has been raining this week..and today has been crazy. I rode my bike to school today with an umbrella in one hand...I almost got into an accident (not my fault) and I almost fell of my bike (I fell off of it yesterday..). I got to school safely...on the way back however...it was raining even more! So I decided to walk my bike so that I could hold the umbrella properly...My new boots were the only shoes I could think of to wear....they are completly wet. My umbrella broke...so now I was stuck in the rain...with nothing. I ran to a bus stop which was deserted. I took of my jacket and wrapped my bagpack with it (my laptop was in it and I didn't want it to get anymore wet), and I just rode my bike as fast as I could home. I am not exaggerating...I was completely soaked. My socks, shirts, pants, shoes, EVERYTHING...I felt very heavy, but I was moving as fast as I could. When I came home, I just threw everything on the floor and tried to heat the house and eat something warm. My mom had made soup the day before, so I put it on the stove and then I prepared a bath, casue I starting to feel bad. I ate, and then jumped in the water.

I just finished drying my hair. I have a bad headache, but I think I will be alright.

School has started...this is my second week and it's not TOO bad which is scary since I am just waiting for it to get overwhelmingly horrible soon... My studio desk was stolen...which hasn't been so great, but I decided to stop thinking about it and just look forward. Studio has been going well so far...I have my first review on Friday, so I have to get my diagrams and panels ready by then.

OKAY...I need to eat again. HUNGRY LOLO.