Que voy a hacer, je ne sais pas Que voy a hacer, je ne sais plus Que voy a hacer, je suis perdu Que horas son, mi corazon

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. First day of school was today. Not that bad...but tomorrow...that's when hell begins once again...STUDIO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hate studio so much haha...it is so time consuming and draining that I just want to sit in a corner and cry. I hope that I will be able to hang out with friends more this semester without feeling as guilty. It's hard to enjoy hanging out with people when you know you should be working on studio stuff. This semester is the first semester where I only have 3 classes. Hopefully that will make things easier. I have Studio 2B, Structures 2 (i passed structures 1 with a B!!!! OMG!!), and Professional Practice (ProPrac). I had ProPrac today...we are gonna be doings lots of CAD drawings I'm assuming...lots of printing...lots of money wasting ;_____;  Anyway...this is what I wore today!

Anyway. A few days ago I tried to blog with my mom's DSi (yeah...my dad bought her one...) but it did not work. On Friday we went to San Luis Obispo (about 70 or so miles away from Santa Barbara). My cousin's wife's parents live there and they really wanted us to go visit, so we did! I came back yesterday night. I had a great weekend..with people who are not related to me by blood...but are closer relatives to me than my blood relatives (ok i'm getting confused..). They speak a different dialect of Armenian, so the whole time they would make fun of us and we would make fun of them~ FUNN~ I miss it there...it was so nice~ We walked around beaches, listened to a lot of music and went shopping at outlets where I bought a leather jacket that I LOVE. It was really cheap and it's so comfortable! I also bought a tshirt, but it's not in the picture~

We ate yummy homemade food <3 ...i'm hungry now. Gotta go make something to eat~ I will leave you with this photo I took at Avila beach.