Andra Advent

I miss Swedish Christmas traditions terribly. It gets so bad sometimes...where I get angry for not being able to be there haha. It's never really feels like Christmas for me. Yesterday, I went to IKEA (even though I have to study for tomrrow's structurs final), and bought a couple of things to surprise my parents. In Sweden, on every Sunday in December, they light a candle (there are 4 candles total). So on the first Sunday, you light 1 out of 4. The second Sunday you light the second candle plus the previous candle, and so on till it's Christmas~! Yesterday was 2nd Advent, so we were supposed to light 2 the picture only 1 is on cause we hadn't done 1st Advent last week, so we turned the second one on a little bit later. I bought four candles, gingerbread cookies, Glögg, some more candles, and a Julbok, which is a handmade straw goat~ I made the living room very mysigt, (translates to 'cozy'). I MISS SWEDEN! My best friend is coming to vist from Sweden in 8 days, however, so I am VERYYYY happy <3