I miss the wind

Back home in LA. I'm trying really really hard to focus on work. My studio final is THIS COMING FRIDAY OMG. And my M&M and Structures finals are on the following Tuesday. So December 4th, and 8th....UGH! I'm trying to make a 3D model of my culinary art school, and I'm failing incredibly badly at the moment...OH WELL. Here are some random photos from the trip:

A random painting in the financial district...I think it was the financial district..

<3 aww I saw how they made these...so cute~

This one was my favorite. I am obsessed with crocodiles..

My sister and I <3

A very tall tree & my sister/mom/moi

Outside of the Sheraton, they had seating areas to keep us toasty and warm

I can't get over this wall. I wish my room's walls were like this..

I'm too tall to sit in back...

What I was listening to on the way home.