Sipping Hot Tea

I'm sitting in the Sheraton lobby drinking some tea, trying to warm up my body. It's so family and I came back to the hotel an hour or so ago, from eating and walking around. Our hotel is right in Fisherman's Wharf, so everything is close by, but it's so freaking cold, that we were running around, trying to keep warm! Today is my mom's birthday! So we tried to do things she wanted to do, but she wanted to do things we wanted to do, so we kept going at it in a circle. It was fun though~ Before we ate, we went to a jewelry store that sells pearls~ My sister, mom, and I all bought a pearl~ My mom made hers into a ring, and my sister and I turned ours into necklaces. Very expensive...but something I will treasure~

Here are some random photos I took with my phone. I would upload the ones in my camera, but I forgot it in the car...yay me...


Entering San Francisco~ Bay Bridge! I have a fascination with bridges...I think they are cute.


Typical SF dad loves driving here, while my mom hates to sit next to him while he drives here. I love San Francisco cause of all the unique houses...every building is different from the's so beautiful~

Inside a supermarket.

I have no idea what this was, but it reminds me of a place in Zelda.....I loved was breathtakingly beautiful..this photo is soooo crapy.


The oysters that we picked with our pearls insidea~ Mine is the bottom left one~  Our hotel is marine themed...I really like the waves on the walls~~

OK~ I'm gonna try to get some homework done here~~ BYE BYE FOR NOW~