Say Hello to My Little Friends

This is my can't see my comp, but this is where I do most of my work~ At the moment, my ENTIRE room is a horrible mess with everything from clothes to basswood and cutting mats and glue on the floor. I do my studio work in here too..but on the it gets incredibly messy. I'm using studio as an excuse for my mess...but I am a messy person to begin with. Bad lolo.

My newest "cute thing". I bought him during the summer I believe...he sits next to my glow in the dark Duck, and that other weird looking thing that I named "EHHHH".

My Hello Kitty that sits in my nailpolish collection~ I got her as a present from my sister~

I think this is my newest friend...I got this souvenier from my friend who went to study abroad in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Italy during the summer~

When school is over, I'm gonna paint my room a more neutral color and start organizing, cause I go crazy with all the clutter sometimes. When I'm done, I'll show you~ Right now I'm too shy to show my floor haha~