It's getting pretty cold...and the clouds are getting gray. It's nice, but my hands are getting so cold...espcially when I'm infront of the computer for long periods of time working on school work. I need movement...I need to run or something, to keep myself warm! Nothing eventful is happening...Project 2 final is next Tuesday so I am busy working on that. I have to make a 3D computer model, drawings of sections  and plans, a site model, and a physical much to do. So little time. It's always like that, no?

So..I have been trying to figure out this RSS Feed took me a while to wrap my head around how this stuff works and I was having lots of problems with it. I dunno if it works right now, but I have other stuff to worry about. I haven't looked at coding for a year....I feel so rusty ;_____;  It's not like I knew a lot to begin with, but I feel so inconfident haha. I remember I would change layouts a lot before...but I have had this one for over a year now!! Ah well~

I got this gray shirt from H&M a month or so ago. I love it~ It looks like a guys shirt...and my dad has similar looking he thinks I took this one from his closet everytime I'm wearing it. I have to show him the tag to prove it to him that it's mine!! I straightened my hair today!!