Don't wake me from the dream It's really everything it seemed

I'm home right now. My dad is in the living room eating pomegranates while wathing tv. My sister is in her room writing an essay. My mom is out with her sisters, and I am in my room working on studio. I am trying to make a 3d model of metro cafe design I have made. So far I'm really confused, but at least I'm working on it and not procrastinating.

My room is freezing cold. I just turned on the heater. I have really cold hands. Sometimes, they get so cold, I can't feel them anymore. I remember in 11th grade, I went to the California Science Center with my photography class. There was a cage in one of the rooms with a bunch of snakes in it. In front of the cage was a screen/scanner, which displayed heat with colors. Since it was placed infront of the snakes, you could see these blue S shaped things. Those were the snakes...they are cold blooded, so they were blue. Everything around them was yellow and red. My friends started putting their hands in front of the screen, and you could see shapes of hands that were red and orange. Then they told me to put my hand behind the screen. So I did, and to everyone's surprise (expect mine), there was a blue hand on the screen. I was the same color as the snakes....;____; I am cold blooded.

My new boots which I LOVE. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. The bag is from Aldo..I got it as a birthday present from my cousin who works there~

Alright...back to work! Take care my friends~