If you see me walkin' down the street And i start to cry each time with meet walk on by, walk on by

Been feeling a little down. This three day weekend was supposed be filled with work, play, and overall happiness. Nothing goes as planned, but I'm trying to be positive. I have been working everyday on my studio projects that are due on Tuesday, and I hung out with a friend, which was really nice, because it allowed me to let go of some of my sadness. Life is a weird thing, and I am just trying to figure out as many things about my own life at the moment. I am taking things slow, and trying my BEST to be positive. It can be so hard sometimes.


I wore this last week. The heels are getting really comfortable. It is only after a few hours when they start to hurt me (ball of my foot, and my pinkies..), otherwise they are great.

While i'm on the topic of being positive, I just wanted to share that one of my favorite female tennis players is back...Kim Clijsters. She is such a nice person and a great player...she retired two or so years ago to start a family. Now she is back, and she beat Venus Williams! It really made my day.