Survived First Week

During the summer, I told myself that when school starts, I will make time to post regularly. I have been meaning to post, but I am already drowning in assignments and due dates. I want to try my best to post though, and visit everyone's blogs. If I am slow at returning comments, I apologize beforehand. I usually read your updates in between classes to see what you guys are up to~ has been hectic. First day of studio we were given our first assignments. We are doing a case study where we get split into groups of five and are assigned different buildings. Each building has a certain material which is significant, and each group has to study that material and do experiements with it. The experiments are for my Material and Methods class. Those two classes go hand in hand with eachother..... studio and M&M are two different classes, but we stay with our groups and study the same building. I hope that makes sense haha.

The building that I am doing a case study for is the Milan Trade Fair, designed by none other than Massimiliano Fuksas. You guys might remember that I went to a lecture of his in May at the LACMA. I didn't get to choose the Milan Trade Fair, so I was happy I got it. It's a really interesting building. At first I was fascinated by the interesting glass canopy. Then I started thinking about the other "boring' buildings surrounding it, and thought that the whole thing is kind of lame. But then, I researched on the production process and why it was built, etc., and now I really like it again! It's badass.

The glass canopy is almost a mile long and acts as the axis that connects all the convention centers together.

 This complex is built in Milan. The area it was built on was a post-industrial site which needed to be cleaned up. Milan is a fairly small city and people are used to walking through small streets and...small things this's massive size, is like a shock! When this thing was being built, it was one of the biggest construction sites ever! Milan was in need of something to be able to compete with cities like Frankfurt or Chicago, which have huge spaces for trade fairs already, so this complex was built.

OKAY. I hope that wasn't too much architecture talk. I should get back to my work....I have so much to do. I just wanted to say hi...and let you guys know that I'm still alive~~ Hope everything is well!! <3