What to do

School starts on Monday and already crap is happening ;___; On Tuesday my sister and I got into a car accident by doing nothing. We were stopped at a red light, talking casually, when we got hit from the behind by some 21 one year old guy. Both cars are totalled and now we have only one car (which my parents drive). My sister and I went to the doctor the day of the accident cause we weren't feeling well. We took xrays, and today we went to the doctor again so he could tell us what was up. We both have muscles spasms and he said I have small tears in my muscles around the neck. My lower back is hurting too (more than my neck), so he started a session for both my back and neck today. It still hurts, but it's working. I'm just stressed because I need a car for school, even though I can ride my bike somedays. We don't have the time at the moment to go car shopping. The guy's insurance only covered for our car, not his...but he had some crap insurance, so it's not gonna cover everything. I'm not sure what's gonna happen. I'm just happy my sister and I are well.

Our car from the back. It looks like nothing really happened...but the bottom of the car just fell (I don't know if you can see...)...since his car was lower...when it hit our's...damaged the bottom of the car...

Our car from the side. Poor car....;_____;

His car from the side.

And the front.

This was taken before the accident haha~