Perfect Night

Yesterday was a crazy day with lots of confusion and feelings of ;______; But last night was great since I got to spend time with my sister. We watched Ponyo. The theater only had two showings of it in one of their smaller rooms and our friend happened to be there with his group of friends. It was very funny, but even though we wanted to make fun of him and throw stuff at him (this is what we all like to do to eachother), we kept to ourselves, so that his friends wouldn't think we were crazy. The movie was really cute. My friend complained afterwards that it was too simple and stupid.....but my sister and I loved it. It was a movie that made me really happy~ It's so doesn't have to be complex. I liked it <3

Afterwards I got to talk to my best friend who I hadn't talked to in a few that made me really happy <3<3<3 Yesterday I had an appointment at the doctor...for a yearly checkup. My mom is super picky about we went after delaying it for so long. I am really scared of blood tests because I am stupid so I had been complaining the whole day. It was a new doctor, so weren't sure how it would be...but he was really nice and funny. He checked my sister and I together in the same room. He checked my sister's teeth and found no fillings and he was really surprised and then asked her about any problems she has had...and she said she feels light headed and all that stuff..she is anemic. He had this paper where he would write any problems, and my sister only had a few things listed and he was really happy about that because she is healthy. Then it was my turn and he asks me if there is anything that bothers me..and I said no, not really. He checks my teeth, and is surprised that we both have no fillings...suggests to me that I should be a jet pilot (I wish!!!!!) because they can't have fillings or something... He checks my weight and height and sits me down again and says, "Your paper is blank...come on...tell me something that is wrong with you!! If I have patients like you, I'll go bankrupt!" and I start laughing and I tell him "I'm wearing contacts?" and he goes "Yeah! Your eyes are not perfect...there we go! Anything else??"  But the BEST part was....when he starts talking about "you guys can take a blood test downstairs..."  my sister looks at him and tells him I'm scared ;_____; and he pats my head and I take my brown bag and take out my Yoshi plush to show him. I brought Yoshi with me to help me ;_____;.....he said that I was healthy and he wasn't gonna make me get a test, but I will next week.....I wanna know everything is working 100%~

Last thing! The me on the left is what I wore a few days ago....and the me on the right is me yesterday. OKAY OKAY...the bags I'm carrying are my mom's......she had them hidden in her closet...The one of the left is a old Gucci purse and the one on the right is an even older Chanel. I got mad at her (not really) and told her to use them! Not leave them in there forever!