I love her more than anyone

Two days ago, my sister and I baked our very very first cheescake. We left it in the refrigerator for a day and last night, we ate it! I like cheescake, but I can't eat a lot...only a couple of bites, cause I start feeling sick. Cheesecake isn't something we grew up with, so we were afraid that it was gonna taste like crap, but it was a success! My sister and I have gotten closer, and I'm very happy to spend time with her~

I'm gonna try to bake something else today....If I can get my car to start...I'd walk to the store, but it would take me a while...it's so hot outside that the indgredients would melt ;____;

Random outfit I wore. The shoes I'm getting used to...I feel super tall in them. We went to my aunts house the other day, and I wore this, and I was the tallest person there...well my dad was a little taller, but still. All the guys were sad HAHA. I am taller than you.