cause right now i'm hurting

This is a random's mostly for venting purposes....something I just want to let out cause I feel like I can't tell anyone else. My friend of many many family friend...whom I have secretly liked for a very long time, told me that he liked me earlier this year. We have been together for a little over 6 months and we love eachother very much....we are best friends... The problem is that we have been keeping our relationship a secret for many many reasons....we are family friends...our parents are good friends, but we know that our relationship would be very awkward for them...because EVERYONE around us sees us as brother and sister. He has an older brother and I have a younger sister...and the four of us are like it would be very awkward. There are other big big reasons as well...but I rather not get into that.....

Today we decided to take a break.....I am very sad....but I know that it is for the best. We will remain as friends....till we are both a little older so that we don't have to feel the stress.... we have been such amazing friends for so long...we felt that it was getting a little difficult staying hidden like this....cause everytime we were together....I felt like someone was suspecting us to be together....and it made us uncomfortable to be around eachother..

So here I am....sad and heartbroken...hoping that the future will be that we can be together in peace.... I wish I could tell this to someone in person because I could really use a hug right now...but I can't share this

ugh... i feel incomplete..