Buttons on my pants

Cardigan and Pants from Yesstyle.com

My mom is away at Palm Springs with her sisters. so for the past two days, I have been with my dad and sister. It is very nice since my dad has so many things he wants to do with us~ He wanted to go to the movies, but we told him there wasn't anything out, so we decided to go to the Rosebowl in Pasadena to watch people fly their mini planes. My dad used to build those intricate helicopters in Sweden, but he never got a chance to fly them. So we took them with us today to see if we could fly them, but there were too many people there, so we just watched~

I went to the Inter Milan vs. Chelsea exhibition match at the Rosebowl on Tueday night! I tried to take some photos of Zlatan, but he was too far away LOLL. I'll post some of the photos later since I'm too lazy to look for my camera. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend<3