j'aime mes amis

It has been extremely hot this week. I can't fall asleep at nights because of the heat. During the day, I try my best to keep cool. Yesterday I hung out with my good friends. We hadn't made any plans in particular, but we were together anyway. We walked around shops and went to a bookstore where I bought a new book. We went and got ice cream inside the mall and then walked around there, went to different stores, and then to the arcade. We hung out for many hours without any plans, but it was a lot of fun to just be in eachothers' company I think.

I was having some trouble with my hair the entire time. It was too hot to leave it down, but my hair tie failed me so I was having some issues..

We played DDR. Well, I tried to. I am very horrible at this game and I felt stupid for standing there with a skirt. Those jumps are very annoying to do with a skirt on.

 Tonight I will be going to the Rosebowl in Pasadena to watch a Inter Milan vs. Chelsea soccer match. I am extremely excited because it has been too long since I last was at a match! It will be fun~ Hope you are all well<3