As quickly as possible

I saw Harry Potter opening night with a bunch of friends and it was a lot of fun. I lost my eyeglasses somehow and now only have a pair of contact lenses till I buy new glasses. It sucks. I don't like losing things...I feel like a bad person when I do. I get too attached to objects. For two (or three?..not sure) days now, I have been drawing quick drawings for fun. I've been uploading them on my facebook account under an album titled "Doodles". The thing about these drawings is that I draw them as quickly as possible. Usually when I draw, I get really bored and when I do, I never finish the drawing. So these are just for fun, drawn fast!

This is a funny drawing of my friend Tiko. We call him T-Dawg for fun. They call me Lor-Dawg or L-Dawg in return.

Sakura from Street Fighter (my favorite character).

Severus Snape! He is really cool.

Voldy! He is cool too..


The coolest of them all. Seriously. You can't get much cooler than Snake.

Lavie from Last Exile. I love this series.


I like to draw a lot. But because of school, I didn't cause I got sick of drawing stupid things that annoyed me... So this is is like the first time in a while..