They were sitting in the strawberry swing

Such a lazy day today~ I swam a little bit and sat in the sun while I read the book Genome. It was getting so hot, I thought my book was melting, so I ran back inside after a while~ Yesterday my sister and I went out with my friend and my cousin. I hadn't seen them both for a very long time. We went to cheesecake factory and got deserts...the only good part of the day...but then I felt like throwing up cause there was just too much my cousin was embarrassing me the whole time!! There was just TOO MUCH ESTROGEN. I can't hang around girls much cause they start pissing me off. Oh well haha~

 I adore this ring~ My sister bought it for me and I try to wear it as much as I's so pretty~ Got a pair of sandals cause my old ones broke. I love them~