No! This is HAVE to wear stripes.

I love stripes. I like the makes me happy. I have been having horrible dreams right after each other for over a week now. I have had less school ones, but I had one last night which woke me up..and I felt horrible. A few nights ago, I had a really interesting dream. In my dream, I was in France and I was running around clothing stores trying to find a shirt without any stripes. I randomly asked a man if I could wear a non-striped shirt and he replied with: "No! This is France! It is illegal to wear non-striped clothing!"  So I got very sad. Then, I was being chased by someone in my dream, so I was constantly looking for a hiding place, but I had important things to do, so I wanted to leave my hiding spot, but I felt that it was more important to stay hidden. So, because I was sad...I took all my striped shirts and sew them into a huge blanket, threw it over me, and slept in a little corner........then I woke up. Meet my new striped shirt.

Shirt and cardigan,; bag, Forever 21

I had a good day today <3