Remember a day before today

Over the weekend I was at Arroyo Grande which is a little bit further up from Santa Barbara. My cousin's wife's family lives there and we really like to go visit them. The weather was very windy, but it's so nice to breathe in fresh air~ We went and saw a carshow, walked around town, went to some clothing stores here and there, and went to the movies. It was a very nice weekend spent with fun people~

I bought two pairs shoes. One pair are heels which I desperately need. I can't wear very high ones because I can't walk in them and because I become too tall. I found a pair of black, shiny heels that are nice and fairly comfortable~ I also bought a pair of addidas...I haven't owned addidas shoes since I was....five? I liked them...but was kind of hesitating to get them...what do you guys think?