Growing Up

Ever since I was a kid, if I wanted to dress my own way, my family would criticize me. My mom would always dress my sister and I in the same clothes...we almost looked like twins. We never minded...I honestly did not mind matching my sister at all. I have a few friends whose parents also dressed them in matching clothes and they hated it, but I liked it~ As we got older, my sister and I both developed our own styles. My sister was into the preppy stuff that everyone liked. I, however, would wear stuff that I found interesting and creative, which made me clash with my mom a lot. I also felt that friends or...acquaintances, thought of me differently. Growing up I was also very self concious (and still am to some degree) just cause of the culture clash of where I was coming from and where I was at, so I just tried to blend into the background so I could be left alone. Now that I am older and my confidence has increased, I don't give a damn. I dress however I want and experiment with things occasionally and that keeps me happy!

I have never been a person to wear shoes with heels, but I really like them. My mom always gets so excited whenever I dress "like a lady" and it bothers me haha I dunno why! She always has to hug me and say "awww you are growing up...I don't like it". And even though her saying that seems like something small...I think that over the years, it has affected me negatively where I feel like I have to stay a child for her. It has kept me from growing more freely....I dunno...just what it feels like. So anyway! Heals! Here are some shoes that I would like to have.