Yesterday I went to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts) to see architect Massimiliano Fuksas lecture. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing. I had used him as a mentor several times during my studio class last semester and I was super excited to see this guy. Two of my friends tagged along with me and we arrived an hour and a half early. When we were parking....I saw this man standing outside of a car and I was like "haha that guy looks like Fuksas!" Turns out it was him...and I had a panic attack. Us three were staring at him and he was smiling back and then we just ran off! Then when we were walking around the museum grounds, we saw him again and he saw us. I think he knew that we knew who he was haha~

When we got into the theater, we were the only people there. So we ran up to the front to decide where we wanted to sit. Some of the seats were reserved already with names on them. So I sat next to a seat that read "KAPPE". The name sounded really familiar so we called my sister to google the name. Turns out, Ray Kappe, is the founder of SCI-Arc (an architecture school in LA) award winning architect... it was so funny...I dunno..I couldn't help but laugh when he sat next to me. We were so clueless....sitting next to famous architects...and behind us were Fuksas' family members and friends.

 His car in the parking lot!!!


I wanna share some of his work with you: