I'm done

Got home an hour ago....the house is completely quiet and the sun is slowly sinking. I'm done with this semester and I dunno...it feels very strange. I feel exhausted..I have this head splitting headache...my contact lenses are very dry, and I'm hungry. I am tired, but I don't want to sleep....I just want to be surrounded by people. I guess I still feel a little isolated by being out of school since all of my friends are in school...but at least now I can hang out more...I'm very happy about that. So last night I was at school till around 3:00 am I think...trying to print out my presentation boards...and two of my friends stopped by at my school and brought me food!! That made my school year! It was just so awesome....it felt like they got my back haha~ It was great~

The day after. So...this is our dining room that I had taken over while working. Every hour or so, my mom would come up to me and just shake her head....I'm a very messy person..and she is not. She made that very clear... The room looked a lot worse before...but I had to take a bunch of the crap to school~ Okay. I'm about to pass out. BYE!