Almost Alright

So! I have been encouraged by a close friend to be more positive~ I'm definitely trying. Everything has been going wrong today...forgot flash drive at home..YAY. A bunch of other stupid things happened along the way, but, it doesn't matter. I'm gonna try to think positive thoughts.

Today was the last day of my World Architecture 2 class before the final. Today was the day where EVERYTHING clicked for me. It was just incredible how awesome it was. This class is badass, even though getting to this point was a pain. I feel like I've got a good grasp on Modernism and's pretty interesting.

What else...OH! The pepper I mentioned in the last post...I have to model it on the comp...and then make a physical model! That means I have to go to the laser cutter at school. You have to make appointments if you need to use the laser cutter, and of luck, they only had Sunday morning at 9:30 open for me. It's due the following if I do anything wrong...I'm screwed...BUT let's stay positive.