Time for myself, but I don't like it.

I drove up a near by "mountain" yesterday to take pictures for class. The scenery was very beautiful and I just stood there for a while looking. I never think of this place as beautiful....so much traffic and stress, but it's nice to know that when you climb up a little bit, you can escape it for a little bit. I wish I wasn't alone there though. It would seem like a good spot to relax on your own, but I wish I had someone with me. School yesterday wasn't too well for me. I felt like I had taken a step backwards and that it was just the beginning of the semester. It sounds odd. The semester is over in two-three weeks. I'm just not happy at the moment...I'm excited for school to be over...but I'm dreading August 25th, 2009, or whenever school starts again....I'm thinking ahead to when I'm gonna be unhappy again.

I'm at home now drinking tea. Trying to get ready to do some serious work for tomorrow. I am doing better now...still have a stuffy nose and sore thoat, but no fever!

Hope you are all doing well<3