I'm tired...but I don't want to sleep...I don't want my Saturday to end.

I've been working on school crap all day. I have a crap load of crap to do tomorrow. School hasn't been all to great. I like my classes a lot better this semester...but my studio class is just weird. I don't feel like I fit in. Everything I do in that class feels forced. I'm not enjoying myself at all. I dread going to school...ehhh.

It's 2:35 am....I'm sitting on the couch....watching the Australian Open while checking random things online. I'm super tired but I don't want to sleep...this is the only time during the week that I can watch...so sad -____- I'm waiting for the Baghdatis vs. Djokovic match. I want Baghdatis to win....my dad and I always cheer for him haha~ GOOD LUCK!!!!!!~<3