all things go, all things go

Where have I been!!?? I don't even know myself. Tomorrow is the last day of this horrendous semester that I want to forget. I have a lot to study....but I'm giving myself a short break to write here. I miss you all. I have been sleeping very late lately. Sometimes it is because I have a lot of work to do, but other times, it's because I can't sleep. I lie down in bed...all these thoughts and worries come to me and make it impossible to sleep. Being flooded by thoughts and emotions is not something that I need at the moment is really draining I try to save my engergy as much as I can. I am happy the sememster is almost over because I really can't take it anymore. After tomorrow....I can try to sort out my emotions and catch up with everything else that I have been neglecting. I'm hoping to be able to sleep like I used to~

So....last week was my studio final review. For our final project we each got a partner. We had to both had to draw these activites out of a hat. My activitiy was praying for world peace and my partner's was to track the winter and summer solstice. We had to design a place or thing that would incorporate both of our activities together. Each group was only allowed to use 4 x 8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood for the construction of the whole piece. This is what we ended up with:

Looks like a dead whale...haha~ So my take on world peace was a negative one....I believe that there can never be world could work theoretically, but it is not a realistic idea. So we decided to create this....a ribcage like structure which would protect me from the outside world. The top part of the structure is supposed to resemeble a sundial.....which my partner would use. During the solstices, the light will shine into the structure, giving me hope and warmth, so that I can pray for peace in peace.

This is our robot. His name is Robot. We made him out of some of our extra wood pieces. Cute~??<3 We like him better than our actual project~~