It's really scary starting off fresh. I miss first ever website (;____; sad lolo). But I guess change can be a good thing~ I miss my old layout...I want to put it up, but the codes were just too messed up, and I was trying to make a wp theme out of it, but I don't  know how to (;____;), and I can't do anything right now cause of I will just have to do with this for a while~

I missed blogging a lot. A lot. Everytime something happened, I wanted to make a post, but then I was reminded that I couldn't haha~ But now I can! YAY~

School is over in three weeks. It's getting really stressful and tough. Studio is killing me..we are designing a culinary school in Hollywood, and it's so hard. But it will be over soon (I hope!).

This is how we begin designing. Making scaled boxes of the right square footage and then we put them on top of each other to see what we can come up with.

I had this for breakfast today...clam chowder and a bagel. My stomach was hurting the entire day. HAHA.

AHHH I have so many things to share!! I don't know where to begin. I missed you guys~~ <3

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