Bodily Constellations

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My dad and I are olive toned. We both have lots of moles everywhere. When I was younger, he jokingly said “I’m sorry, Lorik. You took after me. But look, you can connect the dots and they become your own constellations". So this is for my dad’s words.

Around three weeks ago (can't remember exactly how long it has been...), I got to display my work at an art show in Burbank. I had a wonderful night with my friends. Since then, I've started a couple of pieces. I'm trying to be more consistent with the amount of time I spend painting/drawing. I want to produce more so I can get into a groove. It's hard for me to want to draw when I'm not feeling well or if I'm stressed, so I'm trying to find ways to get into it even when I'm not okay. It's hard when I start off but the more I draw, I feel better emotionally too, so it's great~

I hope you're all doing well <3