Meteors are Falling!

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2014-02-23 11.36.56

I didn't realize it was March until five minutes ago. Not good.

I just got back home from USC. I'm attending a couple of workshops over there during the weekends. I've been learning how to create a simple game in Unity3D to use as a design tool and how to export that creation to potentially 3d print or laser cut. Today we were coding in Processing. We took a whole bunch of information from a spreadsheet and created an interesting way to visualize it.

Now I'm at home preparing my lunch for work tomorrow while waiting for my friends to text me so we can go out for ramen!!! Shooo hungry.

I've been incredibly busy trying to balance work, friends, and Laika these past couple of weeks. It's pretty awesome, I must say. I rather be tired and busy than bored at home.

Have a good week <3