Dress Shopping

I coudn't remember what day it was today....had to double check. It is THURSDAY and I have a project due tomorrow...at 1:00. So much crap to do....yet I am sitting infront of the computer typing this. I haven't had a chance to check my mail...it has almost been two days. Everything I do has to do with school...so tiring...I have to leave everything else...and just focus on school. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. EVERYONE in my family (mom, dad, sister...cousin, aunts...everyone!!) had bought their dresses/clothes for the wedding except me. Yesterday my class ended at 6 which is early....so I decided to go to the mall real quick to see if I could find something....since I wouldn't have a chance to buy anything later on. My sister came with me and we went to a couple of different stores. I finally found TWO dresses! TWOOOOOO! I liked the both very much and I couldn't decide between them so I got both~

This one does not look thaaat formal....therefore I must dress it up somehow.... I love the color....it has a gradient.....from dark to light~

This one looks like crap in this picture.....OMG...it looks sooo good when I wear it....I really love this dress...because I can wear it a lot and it looks very sophisticated.....I don't feel like myself in it hahahaha~

I have a pair of black shoes....I could wear them with both dresses....I just don't know what to do with my hair....I was thinking of a low cute ponytail...since I have bangs....I dunno~~~

OKAY! I have to go and work on my project now....it's getting late!