everything 80s

Well not really, but I've been in my 80s music mood this past week. I don't know how it happens...these random feelings sweep over and then I get sucked into a particular "mode." Nostalgic feelings. I think it happens to me whenever I'm in a transition period - when I know change is on its way. When that happens, I fall back to something from the past that is comforting. ANYWAY. Been a hectic two weeks with lots of things happening - fun and not so fun. Work is interesting but I'm not where I want to be. It's not challenging me creatively. It's a fairly dull environment.  I am in front of the computer from the time I get there till the time I leave. I hardly talk to anyone except when I ask how everyone's weekend was. I want to gain experience though, which is why I'm glad I got this job. I want to learn everything and then move on. I want to experience this so I know if I should go back to school for a masters or if I should go in another direction. I feel like if I stay here for too long it will stunt my creative growth. I know I wanna be where things are happening...where experimentation is taking place...where new technology is used....where things are more "cutting edge." I think I miss the studio environment where you discover things and push yourself while collaborating and receiving input from others. Here everything is static....same old apartment buildings.

Outside of work I've been hanging out with friends like always. A couple of friends and I have made Wednesday nights the time when we get together to eat ramen and discuss the troubles in our lives right after work. We call our group the "Little Tokyo Round-up." It's strangely comforting ~

I went to a Halloween party last weekend thrown by a friend. I wore my Indian sari and managed to pull it off although I wrapped the sari very incorrectly where it became difficult to walk around. I was either jumping or wobbling around. Luckily, people were very helpful ~



During the actual day of Halloween I helped pass out candy to little kiddies and then went barhopping around Silverlake with friends. This time I was dressed as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Got lots of high-fives throughout the night for this one.


Now I'm gonna go and prepare my lunch for tomorrow - brbbbbbb~



Have a good week guys ~