mustache days

Last night our internet went down. It was frustrating because I had some job related business to take care of. Our router is located upstairs. Upstairs is this strange bedroom turned office that we have neglected over the summer since it tends to get extremely hot. As I was making way up, I saw that my dad was already at the top of the stairs. We both wanted to see if we could fix the problem. While we failed to get our internet back, I found an old photograph of my dad sitting on one of the many bookshelves. Then my eye caught a stack full of photographs and I grabbed them....and so we spent forty minutes on the floor looking through old photographs. Photographs of my sister and I in sweden, photographs of my parents when they were students, etc. Long story short....we forgot about the internet. mamawalkingpapasmallsevaksmall

My dad developed these. The first two photographs are of my mom walking around in the snow in Umeå, Sweden. That's where they went to university and that's were I was born. My dad during his mustache days. And finally a photograph of a drawing of Parouyr Sevak, my mom's favorite poet.